About Our Town:

The Town of Reidville was originally chartered in 1887 and was reincorporated in 1997.  The town is located on the western edge of Spartanburg County and operates under a Council/Mayor form of government. 

The Town of Reidville is proud to be a member of the Municipal Association of South Carolina.


        The Mayor of Reidville is:  Mr. Andrew T. Dixon.      


      Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

The Town Clerk / Treasurer is:  Mrs. Christine McKaba

The Assistant Clerk  is:  Sharon Leonard

The Business License Officer is:  Christine McKaba/Sharon Leonard

The Zoning Administrator is: Christine McKaba

The Code Enforcement Officer: Chief Patrick Evatt

The Town office phone number is (864) 486-9614

The Town e-mail address is: admin@townofreidvillesc.com  

The Town Clerk email is: townclerk@townofreidvillesc.com